The classic baby blanket…

Good morning!

I’ve completed the baby blanket for my co-worker and the pattern I wrote to go with it.

It’s a super easy pattern that would work with just about any colour combination – navy blue and light blue, fuchsia and light pink, egg plant and lavender – the possibilities are endless!  The trendy colour combination for baby rooms these days is yellow and grey!

I chose to use yellows (Citron and Lemon) for this blanket as my co-worker and his wife do not know what the gender of the baby is.



So if there is anyone in your life that’s expecting a baby then click here for the FREE pattern and get that blanket started!

Happy knitting!


Try #2…

Hi there.

Recently I mentioned I saw a photo of some baby slippers I really liked and wanted to re-create them, but for adults.  And yesterday I posted a picture of the slipper I made but it turned out way too large!  Needless to say,  I had to go back and re-think my pattern.

The funny thing is though, sometimes when you make a mistake, something better emerges from it.  And that’s exactly what happened with these slippers.

I’m a big fan of making two items at one time whether it be slippers, socks or gloves, and this time it was no different.  So, I already had the pieces made for my second slipper but didn’t assemble it after seeing how large the slippers had turned out.

So, playing around with the longest of the 2 pieces I had knitted (because initially my slippers were going to be 2 pieces) I was trying to determine how big to make my next pair of slippers by folding this one piece into different shapes.  Then it hit me;  I could create my slippers by using just one long strip!

Here’s my prototype.DSCN3112


Now I just have to finish knitting the new pieces and sew them up.

I’m really excited to show you when they’re done and share my new pattern!

Stay tuned!



Back to the drawing board…

Well, I won’t be writing my slipper pattern just yet!!

Even though they came together the way I wanted them to, I made them WAY too big!! LOL!!  This is the joy of creating patterns, I guess.


Back to the drawing board for me.

I’ll keep you posted on how I make out!!


What I’ve been up to…

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, BUT I have still been knitting.

I found out one of my co-workers is expecting a baby in October so I decided I would knit a baby blanket.  I haven’t knit a baby blanket in a long time so it’s a real nice change.  My co-worker and his wife don’t know what they’re having so I chose classic yellow.

It’s a really simple pattern with a 3″ garter stitch border and the stockinette stitch in the centre.  I’m double knitting it so it’s super cozy!!


I’m also working on a pair of slippers using a cotton yarn with a bit of stretch in it.  I love the knitted slippers but I find that after a few wears I have to wash them to get their shape back.

I thought if I used a yarn with a bit of stretch, this problem may be eliminated.  I found a photo of some knitted baby slippers on Pinterest that I thought would also make great adult slippers.

If they turn out and I LOVE them, I will write up the pattern for them so you can make a pair too!  I’m almost done the knitting part.  I will just have to assemble them afterwards.


Now off to try and finish one of these projects.  I have so many others I want to start but have told myself I have to complete one before starting another!! LOL!!

Happy knitting!



A new dish towel…

Hey there!

I finally finished my new dish towel and you can find the pattern  here!

I added an I-cord edge to the towel to give it a more finished look.  Also, this towel has contrasting stripes on both ends.

I really hope you give it a try! It would make the perfect Hostess gift!

Happy knitting!


It’s not a towel…

Hello there!

A couple of days ago I shared a sneak peek with you of a project I was making that wasn’t a towel! LOL!!

Here it is!  I made a scarf! Yes, I know it’s the beginning of summer, however, scarves are always a simple and quick project and I wanted to start something I knew I could complete!!  😉 I used a super chunky yarn which made the project go even faster!

I used King Cole Super Chunky yarn that I purchased at   It’s so so soft!!

I also created a pattern for the scarf and it’s available for FREE right here!

So head on over to and get yourself some yarn! It’s never too early to start those Christmas presents!

Happy knitting!