Time to get started…

Hi everyone!

I know it’s the middle of summer, but it’s time to get started making my Christmas presents for family and friends!

I’ve already started my father’s scarf he requested.  When I asked him what colour he would like, he said for me just to make it from leftovers from other projects.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Here it is so far:


I’m also still working on items for my pattern book I’m hoping to have available in September.  There will be 4 new never published patterns in it, along with 4 others of my favourites.  It will be available as a downloadable PDF.

AND, in between all this, I’m still knitting hats and scarves to donate to the local downtown mission in hopes to keep some less fortunate people a little warmer this winter.

In fact, all of the items I create to write and test my patterns get donated, so there’s already a little pile started!

It’s a bit cooler here today and it’s raining! What a wonderful change from the heat we’ve had.  Here’s hoping this weather stays around for a bit.

Happy knitting!


the cotton dish cloth…

Hi everyone!

I was so excited to have learned a couple of new knitting patterns the other day, I really wanted to make myself something using one of them.

Since I had some cotton left over from when I made my dish towels, and everyone I talk to always says how much they love their handmade cotton dish cloths, I thought I would make one for myself!

Here it is.



It’s a great pattern for a dish cloth because of it’s texture.


I’m absolutely in LOVE with this pattern so you can be sure  I’ll incorporate it into a ton of other projects!

Now back to knitting!! 😀

Happy knitting!




something new…

Hey there!

Today I taught myself a few new things!DSCN3202


I was itching to learn something new so I pulled out a knitting book I bought about a year ago and went through it. When I bought this book, these patterns seemed a bit intimidating, but not now! What a difference a year of knitting makes!

I have also been looking for a while for some easy knitting instructions for scalloped edges.

Last night while on Pinterest, I saw an image of a knitted scalloped edge and when I clicked on the image, it brought me to a website with the instructions.  I read them through and thought “I can do this!”.

Well, after about 5 attempts, my scallops didn’t look anything like in the picture, so instead of giving up, I created my own little pattern! I ended up with the scallops in the photo below!


I quite like how they turned out!!

So I really want to get the other projects done I have on the go because now I have a ton more projects I want to start using these new patterns.

Off to knit…

Happy knitting!



1 is never enough…

It never fails when I start a new project, I say I will finish it before starting another.

BUT, it never, ever happens!! LOL!!

I have so many projects I want to create I always end up starting at least 2 others (providing I have the needles available!) by the time I’m halfway done the first one.

This is what I have on  the go right now…


2 hats, 1 pair of gloves and of course, the bath mat for the upstairs bathroom.

I should have at least 1 of these projects done by the end of today! But guess what that means?  I’ll have a set of free needles to start ANOTHER project!! 😀

Happy knitting!



Knitting away…

Hey there!

I’ve been knitting away today!

I got another dish towel done for a co-worker and only have 1 more to do!! Whew! Maybe the next time I’m in a knitting frenzy I’ll try to hold off offering to make something for EVERYONE I work with! 😉

I also got another project started today.  I decided to try and knit a new floor mat for the upstairs bathroom.  The one I bought when we moved in is starting to look somewhat ratty.

It’s difficult when you’re not following a pattern to know exactly how much yarn you will need.  I estimated for this project 6 balls, but when I started knitting and saw that 1 ball only gave me just over 4″ in length, I needed to order 2 more balls.  It’s going to be one expensive floor mat at $6.50 per ball!!! LOL!!

I also ordered this stuff called “Sock Stop”.  It’s used to put on the bottom of socks so they aren’t slippy on slippery floors.  I’m going to put it on the back of my floor mat when I’m done so that it secures to the floor.  I ordered 2 bottles.  Hopefully that’s enough!

I’m knitting the floor mat using the Ringwood stitch.  Here’s a sneak peek.


Well, off to try and get this mat done.  I’ll share when I’m finished!

Happy knitting.


I’m thrilled…

Hey everyone!

Did you know today my Chunky 2-Tone Scarf pattern is on PAGE 2 of the Independent Designers “most loved” beginner knitting patterns over at loveknitting.com?  There are 247 pages of patterns and I’m on page 2!!

I’m ABSOLUTELY thrilled!!  A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who “loved” my pattern!

Check it out when you have a moment.  You can click here to go to the page.


It’s a free pattern so why don’t you download it and make one of your own??

Happy knitting!



My slipper pattern…

Hello there.

I would love to be able to tell you I’m done my slippers (try #2) and they turned out exactly how I wanted. And that I’ve finished writing the pattern and it’s ready to share it with you. But, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.

My second attempt at my slipper pattern was a dud so it’s back to the drawing board AGAIN for me.


They are still too small but didn’t feel quite snug enough.


I’m going to put the slipper re-do on the back burner for now though as I’m working on another project I’m hoping to get done for September.  Yes, September! I know that’s a couple of months away, but it’s a big project and will take that long to complete!

I do, however, need a new pair of slippers so I’m going to knit up a pair using the Gramma Slipper pattern.  You can find the pattern here.

Happy knitting!