Back Porch Shawl pattern…

Hello everyone!

I’ve completed my second “Back Porch Shawl” and have written the pattern.  This one is much longer than my first so there’s more to wrap around you to keep the chill off.

I used the super soft and cushy Main Street Yarns available over at I used Dark Grey, Tweed Grey and Off White.


AND, it’s now available for FREE here on my website.

Click here to get your copy. 😀

Happy knitting!


7 thoughts on “Back Porch Shawl pattern…

  • As a brand new knitter, I love this pattern. I’m pretty sure I understand it. My mom is a knitter she makes a ton of slippers (nothing like most knitted slippers I see online). Since my mom is aging I had her teach me a couple weeks ago, my single slipper doesn’t look anything like hers! I think my knit stitch is tighter than hers. I might need to watch a video for the yarn over a couple more times to understand it. I do not understand the gauge thing. My mom keeps asking me what type of yarn I need (I had a different shawl pattern, but I really like your pattern better) mom has a massive amount of yarn given to her a month ago, like garbage bags full and boxes. Probably need different needles but mom said circular needles were included in the stuff she was given. Wish me luck, maybe I can finish it before the cold weather hits in October lol Thank you for the pattern!

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