Joanne’s Back Porch Shawl…

Hello everyone!

Joanne, who purchased my Back Porch Shawl pattern a while back, sent me some pictures of her finished piece.



Didn’t it turn out just spectacular?

I love the colours she chose to use.  Instead of using the off white for the collar as shown in the pattern, she chose a soft pink.

If anyone else has pictures of projects they created using one of my patterns, I would love it if you would share them with me!

You can send them to

Happy knitting!



3 thoughts on “Joanne’s Back Porch Shawl…

  • Very elegant indeed! I am still knitting mine. It has been so cold this spring that I have actually felt like knitting compared to other years at this time. I still have a long way to go though. Mine is blue at the bottom, followed by cream, and then pink although I might do something else as I get towards the top. I will definitely send you a photo when I am done, hopefully before the snow flies once more!

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  • I know it will depend on gage etc. but following the basics in the pattern, could someone please tell me the dimensions of the final product. Myself and a friend are both making this, we are different sizes and want to make sure the shawl is wide enough and long enough. 4 measurements would be nice, all three sides of the triangle and if the measurement from the tip to top is actually 38″. Thank you so much.

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