1 is never enough…

It never fails when I start a new project, I say I will finish it before starting another.

BUT, it never, ever happens!! LOL!!

I have so many projects I want to create I always end up starting at least 2 others (providing I have the needles available!) by the time I’m halfway done the first one.

This is what I have on  the go right now…


2 hats, 1 pair of gloves and of course, the bath mat for the upstairs bathroom.

I should have at least 1 of these projects done by the end of today! But guess what that means?  I’ll have a set of free needles to start ANOTHER project!! 😀

Happy knitting!



Coming along…

Hello there!

So the hat my girlfriend asked me to knit for her is done!


And her infinity scarf is half way done!


The hat was double knit using a parchment coloured DK yarn and I added a cream coloured pom-pom.  So wanting to make the infinity scarf co-ordinate with the hat, I used the same yarn colours, adding a band of cream to the parchment scarf, and used the same stitch on both (garter stitch).

My girlfriend requested the infinity scarf be wide and it is, measuring 1o”! It’s going to be one big, cozy scarf! I’ll post more photos when I’m done!

If you would like to knit your own hat while waiting for me to finish the scarf, you can find the pattern here.  It’s really super easy and you’ll be done in no time!

Happy knitting!


Cushion covers…

Hello everyone!

Well, I’m almost done knitting my first cushion cover and I’m loving how it’s turning out!  I’m using the classic basket weave pattern.



I’m hoping to have it all done by tomorrow so stay tuned.  I’ll post the finished product AND my pattern!

Happy knitting!