Another Cocoon sweater…

Hey everyone!

I made another Cocoon sweater! I just love making them. ๐Ÿงถ

They’re such an easy, mindless knit

The pattern is written out in the post below if you want to make one too!

And since it’s knit with 2 strands of yarn, you can mix a dark colour with a light colour for a marled look!

The weekend is here and I have some sewing to do and tagging, but will definitely be making time to knit too!

Happy weekend!


Cocoon sweater…

I’ve been seeing these cocoon sweaters everywhere and they look super cozy so I decided to make one using up some yarn I had left over from other projects.

I was so excited when I finished it, I took pictures even before I had the ends woven in! LOL!

I double knit this using 2 strands of yarn at one time.

Below is the pattern if you want to make one too! ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll need approximately 1600 yards of a medium weight acrylic yarn (also called Aran weight or #4).

It’s double knit using 2 strands of yarn at one time, so you’ll be working with 2 balls of yarn at all times. You can use either 2 balls of the same colour of yarn or 2 balls of different colours like I did above. It’s completely up to you!

US size 13 circular needles to hold the stitches only. It’s knit flat.

This piece is knit lengthwise.

GAUGE: Approximately 3 stitches per inch.

Finished size measured on a smooth, flat surface is 36″L x 38″W. (The piece will stretch in length when you put it on). For reference, I’m 5″4″ and the sweater goes to the back of my knees.

Cast on 100 stitches with 2 strands of yarn held together creating 1 stitch.

PATTERN: Slip the first stitch purl wise, knit across to the last stitch, purl the last stitch. The slipped stitches give the sweater a nicer finished edge.

Continue the above pattern for every row until the piece measures 38″W on a smooth, flat surface. Cast off in pattern

ASSEMBLY: Fold the sweater in half matching up the slipped stitch edges and sew together the sides for 11″ leaving 7″ for the armholes.

And that’s it! Nice and simple.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

It’s a quick knit, so you have plenty of time to make one before it gets REALLY cold!

Happy knitting.


Some quick knits…

Hi there!

I’ve been working on so many larger projects lately that I really wanted to make something that was quick!

So, I’m using up left over balls of chunky yarn to create some headbands!

I should be able to make 6 or 7 headbands with the yarn I have and I want to try to use a different stitch pattern for each one.

I’m currently working on one now using a pattern I’ve never used before.

I’m finding it very satisfying to be able to finish a project in just one night! I don’t remember the last time I made something quick.

I’m using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn for these headbands with US size 11 needles. I’m casting on anywhere from 12 to 16 stitches depending on the stitch pattern and I stop when I can wrap it around my head! ๐Ÿคฃ Very technical, right?

Anyway, off to make more headbands!

Happy knitting!


Meet Me For Coffee…

Courtney shared with me these photos of her “Meet Me For Coffee” sweater she made!

Doesn’t it look amazing on her?

The pattern is available in my Etsy Shop.

Head over and grab yourself a copy today!

Happy knitting!


PATTERN RELEASE – The Petite Stones Cowl

This big, cushy and versatile cowl is a really quick knit and is sure to become one of your favourites!

Named after the texture this simple pattern creates.

Utilizing only knit and purl stitches makes it a PERFECT pattern for the beginner knitter.

This cowl is double knit using 2 strands of yarn at one time making it super cozy.

Available now over in my Etsy store and on

Happy knitting!


New sweater…

I pinned together this sweater today to give it a little try on!

I absolutely LOVE it! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™

It’s going to be one of my favourites! I just know it!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Happy knitting.



For those of you that have been inquiring, my Mountain Ridge Ruana pattern is now live!

You can purchase it in both my Etsy shop and on!

It’s created using only the Garter Stitch so a great pattern for the beginner knitter. And a bonus; there are no ends to weave in as they are used for the fringe!!

Believe me when I say you’re going to want one of these! I absolutely LOVE mine! ๐Ÿงก

Happy knitting.


PATTERN RELEASE – Summer Breeze Bolero

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to let you know my Summer Breeze Bolero pattern is now available!

Head on over to and get your copy for FREE!

And a huge thank you to Paintbox Yarns for the yarn support! Their Cotton DK yarn was wonderful to work with.

This is an intermediate pattern involving yarn overs, slipped stitches and passing slipped stitches over, however, I made a little video showing you how to do the more difficult stitches, so I suggest you give it a try even if you’re a beginner knitter! I really hope you do!

Now off to finish up other patterns I’ve only half completed! LOL! Have a great day everyone.

Happy knitting!


The Summer Breeze Bolero…

The Summer Breeze Bolero is done!

I’ll be writing the pattern in the next week or so and it will be available on in plenty of time for the summer!

Thank you Paint Box Yarns for your support!

Now off to get this pattern written!


Stitch Holders…

O.M.G. Aren’t these the most adorable stitch holders you have ever seen?

Since I have so many projects on the go at all times, these give me a piece of mind that my stitches won’t fall off when I’m moving my projects around.

I’ve tried different stitch holders in the past, but they always eventually fell off my needles as I moved projects around. What I love about these ones, is they do not come off until you take them off!

They are Canadian made by Fox and Pine Stitches in Prince Edward Island. ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

Head on over to her Etsy shop and check out all the different designs she has.

Happy knitting.