Buffalo Check cup cozy…

Good morning everyone.

Well, I managed to get 1 of the 2 patterns written this week.  I guess that’s better than none! LOL!  I was really hoping to launch both at one time but that just didn’t happen.


So my “Buffalo Check Cup Cozy” pattern is now available for purchase on loveknitting.com, in my Etsy store and on Craftsy.

It’s such a fun and quick project! Perfect for your leftover yarn!

Oh! And stay tuned! Next week my pattern I designed for Paintbox Yarns will be launching!

Happy knitting!




I can’t believe I finally have this blanket done!  It’s been a work in progress for just over a year now.


I made it for myself (something I don’t do too often) and just LOVE how it turned out.

It’s SO cushy and thick and warm! It’s a nice simple garter stitch with an I-cord edge for a slightly more finished look.



Here’s how I made it:

16 balls of King Cole Super Chunky yarn
US size 15 needles
Darning needle to weave in ends

Cast on 120 stitches
Slip the first stitch purl-wise
Knit across the row until the last stitch
Purl the last stitch
Repeat the above pattern for every row.

The finished size is approximately 55″ X 58″

Happy knitting!





Super cozy infinity scarf…

Hey there!

I’ve knit SO MANY infinity scarves for other people but never one for myself, so hearing that this week was going to get COLD again, I grabbed some yarn and knit myself this beauty!


Here’s the pattern:

3 balls of King Cole Super Chunky (approx. 250 yards)
US size 13 needles
Cast on 25 stitches
Knit every row (garter stitch) until you come close to the end of your 3 balls
Cast off in pattern leaving about 12 – 15″ of yarn to sew your ends together.

Super simple and fast!

Stay warm!


Cup Cozies…

Good afternoon!

I had always wanted to make some cup cozies but hadn’t yet had the chance.

But a couple of days ago my best friend messaged me with a photo of a cup cozy she had made and it was gorgeous! That was the push I needed to try one.

She sent me the pattern she followed, but it involved double pointed needles and sock yarn, neither of which I own.

So, I came up with my own pattern! 😉

Here are the cup cozies I’ve made so far! They are SO FUN to make!

Well off to make some more!!

And let me know if you would like one!! I’d be happy to make it! 😀

Happy Sunday!



Introducing “Thomas”…

Hi  there!

I started this crib blanket late last year but never had a chance to finish it.


Between making commissioned pieces, hosting Christmas, ringing in the New Year and then deciding it would be a great time to begin changing our flooring, I just didn’t have the time.

But now we’ve taken a break from changing the flooring (I needed a break from the dust – we’re putting hardwood down) so I had the chance to finally complete the blanket and get the pattern written.

I was inspired by the Burberry colours and hence the name “Thomas” as in “Thomas Burberry”. 😉


It’s a really simple blanket pattern that utilizes only the knit stitch and simple colour changes.  I used “Red Heart Soft” yarn.  It was wonderful to work with.  The blanket ended up nice and cushy!

The finished size is approximately 35″ X 46″ so would make for a really nice lapghan too!


The patterns are available for sale over at loveknitting.com, in my Etsty store and on Craftsy.com.

If you give it a try, please share a photo on my Facebook page! I would love to see your work!

Happy knitting!



The DOUBLE stockinette…

I have to admit, after 4 years of knitting, one of my favourite stitches is still the stockinette stitch.

HOWEVER, the things I like least about using this stitch are the curled edges and the fact that it’s not reversible (the back side does not look like the front).

So, when I want to use this stitch, it’s either with a garter stitch border (like for a blanket) or on a piece I know I will be sewing up so the curl doesn’t matter (like for a cushion cover).

I also won’t use this stitch on pieces where both sides are exposed; for instance on an infinity scarf or wrap, because I don’t like the look of the back of this stitch.

BUT, the other day while on Pinterest, I found a link to an article about options when using the stockinette stitch so you don’t get the rolled edges.

They talked about using a garter stitch border, about “blocking” your piece, about using a knit 1, purl 1 ribbing for a similar look that is reversible, and about “the double stockinette stitch”.

The double stockinette stitch?? I have never, in all the time I’ve been knitting (which isn’t very long but still!) heard about the double stockinette stitch so I had to try it!

It’s SO easy AND…the edges DON’T CURL!!! 😀

*Knit 1, yarn forward, slip 1 purl-wise, yarn back*.
Repeat from * to * across the row.

Simply cast on an EVEN amount of stitches then:

Knit one stitch.

Bring your yarn forward.


Slip your next stitch purl-wise onto your right needle.


Bring your yarn back.


and REPEAT across the row starting from Knit 1.

Turn your work and repeat.

The pattern is used for both sides of your work.

The double stockinette gives you the V-shaped stitches on both sides of your project so you can use it on pieces like scarves and wraps where you see both sides.

Front of piece
Back of piece

NOTE: I found this to be a very tight stitch, so in order to get the proper width to my piece, I had to take the recommended stitch gauge from my yarn and multiply it by 1.5 in order to obtain the width I wanted.  For example, I’m using a chunky yarn that has a gauge of 14 stitches for 4″, however, I had to use 21 stitches in order to obtain the 4″.  Also, I sized up my needles from the recommended size to create a looser stitch.

Below is a video of me showing you the stitch so you can get a better idea of what I mean.

So if you give it a try, I would love to see pictures! You can share them on my Facebook page.

Or, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at diana.poirier@yahoo.ca.

Happy knitting!


The Honey Hat…

Hello there!

So, I’ve finished the pattern for my messy bun hat.  I call it the “Honey” hat!


I have the pattern up for sale over at Craftsy.com , at loveknitting.com and in my Etsy store.

I used “Caron Simply Soft” yarn for this hat so it’s super cozy!

Thank you for all the interest in the hat and I would love to see your finished piece if you make one.

Be sure to share a  photo of it on my Facebook page!

Happy knitting!