Hello and welcome…

Hi there  and welcome to Peartree Knitting where I’ll be sharing all my cozy creations!

I posted a pair of socks on my personal Facebook page recently and had a bunch of people ask for the pattern, so I thought that would be the first pattern I share.  This is not your typical sock pattern that is knit in the round using double pointed needles.  For this pattern you knit with straight needles! That’s my kind of knitting!! 😉

I modified the pattern to fit my size 8 foot (the author describes quite clearly how to do this) and I decided I would knit a pair at one time – 2 socks on one needle!  What I like about doing this, is you get 2 socks that are exactly the same size and when you’re done, you’re done 2 socks.  Unlike knitting in the round where once you complete 1 sock, you still need to knit the second one.  Also, I didn’t have any worsted weight (4) yarn at home, so I used a DK (3) yarn and double knit it.  So I had 4 balls of yarn going at one time.

Keep in mind these are house socks and not socks you can wear in a pair of shoes or boots.  I suppose you could modify the pattern to use a lighter yarn and smaller needles to create a thinner sock, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Click here for the sock pattern. If you mouse over the bubble beside the highlighted areas, you’ll see my notes to create a pair of women’s size 8 socks.

So I hope you give these socks a try! I have mine on today and they are keeping my feet toasty on this very chilly day!

Happy knitting!


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