Now that Christmas is over…

Hello everyone!

Now that the Christmas knitting rush is over, I finally have time to finish up some projects I started last summer.

I was on a HUGE blanket knitting kick when I first learned how to knit and I still have 2 left to finish. So, I thought I would finish the one that is most complete.


I’m using a very chunky yarn, big needles and an easy pattern so I should finish it quickly.

Click here for the blanket pattern I used.  I have made 5 other blankets with this pattern because it’s just so easy.

Below is one of my completed blankets using this pattern.

For this yellow and grey blanket, I pretty much followed the pattern only modifying how many colours I used.

For the blanket I’m now finishing up, I switched out the 2 worsted weight yarns for the 1 super chunky weight yarn and size 15 needles.

Well off to finish up my blanket.  It’s suppose to get really cold next week and I want to be ready!

Happy knitting!





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