Knitting away…

Hey there!

I’ve been knitting away today!

I got another dish towel done for a co-worker and only have 1 more to do!! Whew! Maybe the next time I’m in a knitting frenzy I’ll try to hold off offering to make something for EVERYONE I work with! 😉

I also got another project started today.  I decided to try and knit a new floor mat for the upstairs bathroom.  The one I bought when we moved in is starting to look somewhat ratty.

It’s difficult when you’re not following a pattern to know exactly how much yarn you will need.  I estimated for this project 6 balls, but when I started knitting and saw that 1 ball only gave me just over 4″ in length, I needed to order 2 more balls.  It’s going to be one expensive floor mat at $6.50 per ball!!! LOL!!

I also ordered this stuff called “Sock Stop”.  It’s used to put on the bottom of socks so they aren’t slippy on slippery floors.  I’m going to put it on the back of my floor mat when I’m done so that it secures to the floor.  I ordered 2 bottles.  Hopefully that’s enough!

I’m knitting the floor mat using the Ringwood stitch.  Here’s a sneak peek.


Well, off to try and get this mat done.  I’ll share when I’m finished!

Happy knitting.


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