It became an Infinity scarf…

Hello everyone.

Last week I posted a picture of a WIP using up some left over yarn I had.

I didn’t know if I was going to use it as a shawl or a scarf.  In the end, I sewed the 2 ends together and made an infinity scarf.


Because I used 3 strands of yarn at one time, it’s super thick so will be really warm for the blustery winter they’re predicting for us.


And it’s quite wide, so can use it as a hood too.


Well, off to finish a baby blanket for a friend whose daughter-in-law is expecting in January.

Happy knitting!



2 thoughts on “It became an Infinity scarf…

  • Hi Diana,

    That’s a great idea. When I am done with a lot of WIP, I will make one up too. Here is another idea, I saw a lady make. Make a long and large French knot or braid like the ones we used to make with an empty wooden thread spool, with, four nails hammered into the top. You can now buy these in plastic at a craft store. Shows how old I am – HA HA. We used to make carpets this way. When you figure that the tail is long enough cast off. Then, using a crochet hook, attach different colours and lengths to the braid. Try mixing different thicknesses and even ribbons also. You will have something beautiful when finished. Makes a very unusual gift for family and friends. Sorry, I don’t have any pics. I am going to have to figure out how the camera on my computer works. I am still using my flip cell. Figure that I don’t need an intelligent phone yet.

    Take care. I really like seeing your work.


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