Rainbow Sherbet…

Here it is! My stashbuster rainbow sherbet blanket!



The whole blanket was knit using Caron Simply Soft yarns.  I don’t know how much yarn I used exactly, as it was yarn that was already used for a few smaller projects along with unused balls, but if I had to guess, I would say around 6 balls using 2 strands of yarn at one time. Here is the link to the pattern again that this blanket is based on.

When I was coming close to the end of one colour combination (orange and yellow), I knit one row of the next colour combination (yellow and green), then knit a row of the old colour combination, repeating this until there were 3 rows of the new colour combination intertwined with the old colour combination.  This gives the the colour changes more of a gradient look.


Anyway, I’m off to start a new version of my “Chilly Day Poncho”.  I hope it turns out the way I’ve been imagining it!

Enjoy your weekend! It’s rainy and cold here.  A PERFECT day to stay in and knit! 😀


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