The Chunky Garter Stitch cushion cover…

Hello there!

I made a new cushion cover for a cushion I’m going to bring out to our trailer.

We don’t have any cushions on the couch at the trailer and are in need of a least one.

I had an old cushion I wasn’t using and decided I would just cover that one up using a colour that coordinates with the trailer decor.

It’s a super easy and quick knit and I’ve written out the pattern below.

The pattern is for a 20″ x 20″ cushion.


Approximately 700 yards of a medium weight yarn (any yarn that calls for US size 9 needles). You will need 2 balls of about 350 yards each as this cover is knit using 2 strands of yarn at one time.

US size 13 needles.

Darning needle for sewing.


Cast on 50 stitches with 2 strands of yarn held together.

Knit all the stitches across the row.

You will knit all the stitches on every row. This creates the Garter Stitch.

Continue until your piece is about 38″ long.

Cast off in pattern then sew up the sides, insert your cushion and sew up the bottom and you’re done!

Well off to make another one!

The next one if for our family room.

Happy knitting.


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