Some quick knits…

Hi there!

I’ve been working on so many larger projects lately that I really wanted to make something that was quick!

So, I’m using up left over balls of chunky yarn to create some headbands!

I should be able to make 6 or 7 headbands with the yarn I have and I want to try to use a different stitch pattern for each one.

I’m currently working on one now using a pattern I’ve never used before.

I’m finding it very satisfying to be able to finish a project in just one night! I don’t remember the last time I made something quick.

I’m using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn for these headbands with US size 11 needles. I’m casting on anywhere from 12 to 16 stitches depending on the stitch pattern and I stop when I can wrap it around my head! 🤣 Very technical, right?

Anyway, off to make more headbands!

Happy knitting!


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