They’re finished!!!

Hi there!

I’ve completed the third and final cushion for my living room couch and I wanted to share it with you! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


I used the stockinette stitch (knit the knitted side and purl the purl side) and knitted a piece that was approximately 20″ X 25″ and then folded it in half to create the cover.  The cushion insert was 20″ X 13″.  This cover was double knit using 2 strands of DK yarn at one time and I used size 9 US needles.  I casted on 72 stitches to get the width I needed.  To sew up the seams, I used the mattress stitch.DSCN2605

To figure out when to switch my yarn colour for my word, I took a piece of graph paper and filled in squares to spell “home”.  I randomly picked where to start my word on the cover, but knew I wanted it on the bottom right hand corner.  I started the word on the purl side of the cover and following the pattern I created, whenever I came to where the word had to be, I switched out the white yarn for the black.


I really hope you can understand what I have written above on how to incorporate a word into your knitting.  It’s difficult to explain in writing exactly what I did.  Maybe one day I’ll venture into the world of videos and create something you can watch to explain the process better. 😉

Here’s a photo of all three of my cushions.


Well, I’m off now to knit a hat and an infinity scarf – a request from a friend!  I’ll make sure to share it when I’m done!!

Happy knitting!



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