Cushion #3 is done…

Good afternoon everyone!

I’ve completed the last cushion cover of the “Seaside Collection” – the “Sunset” cushion cover.

Here it is:

And you can click here for the FREE pattern!! 😀

If you’re interested in making ALL the cushions in the collection, the other 2 patterns can be found over at

Happy knitting!



Cushion #2 finished…

Hi there.

I managed to finish my cushion this weekend.

Here it is!

I had initially thought that the natural end with the navy stripe would be the top, but when I placed it next to the first cushion I designed, it didn’t quite look right.  So, I turned it over, and viola, I love it!!

The “Horizon” pattern will be coming soon.

Happy knitting!




Second in the set…

Hi there!

I just wanted to pop in and give you a peek at the second cushion cover in the set I’m designing.  I just have to finish sewing up the sides and pop in a cushion!

I call this one “Horizon” and I’ll be writing a pattern for it also.

Once I have this cushion completed, I’ll share some photos of it along with the first cushion I made.

Happy knitting and enjoy your weekend!



The classic baby blanket…

Good morning!

I’ve completed the baby blanket for my co-worker and the pattern I wrote to go with it.

It’s a super easy pattern that would work with just about any colour combination – navy blue and light blue, fuchsia and light pink, egg plant and lavender – the possibilities are endless!  The trendy colour combination for baby rooms these days is yellow and grey!

I chose to use yellows (Citron and Lemon) for this blanket as my co-worker and his wife do not know what the gender of the baby is.



So if there is anyone in your life that’s expecting a baby then click here for the FREE pattern and get that blanket started!

Happy knitting!


What I’ve been up to…

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, BUT I have still been knitting.

I found out one of my co-workers is expecting a baby in October so I decided I would knit a baby blanket.  I haven’t knit a baby blanket in a long time so it’s a real nice change.  My co-worker and his wife don’t know what they’re having so I chose classic yellow.

It’s a really simple pattern with a 3″ garter stitch border and the stockinette stitch in the centre.  I’m double knitting it so it’s super cozy!!


I’m also working on a pair of slippers using a cotton yarn with a bit of stretch in it.  I love the knitted slippers but I find that after a few wears I have to wash them to get their shape back.

I thought if I used a yarn with a bit of stretch, this problem may be eliminated.  I found a photo of some knitted baby slippers on Pinterest that I thought would also make great adult slippers.

If they turn out and I LOVE them, I will write up the pattern for them so you can make a pair too!  I’m almost done the knitting part.  I will just have to assemble them afterwards.


Now off to try and finish one of these projects.  I have so many others I want to start but have told myself I have to complete one before starting another!! LOL!!

Happy knitting!



The “Mattress” stitch…

Hi there!

I often talk about the “mattress” or “invisible” stitch in my patterns thinking you know exactly what I’m talking about, but I’ve had some people ask me how to do it.

Since I feel it’s easier to learn this by watching, I thought I would share the video I watched to learn.

Click here to watch the video.

You would use this method when sewing together a piece you created using the stockinette stitch.

Happy knitting!


They’re finished!!!

Hi there!

I’ve completed the third and final cushion for my living room couch and I wanted to share it with you! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


I used the stockinette stitch (knit the knitted side and purl the purl side) and knitted a piece that was approximately 20″ X 25″ and then folded it in half to create the cover.  The cushion insert was 20″ X 13″.  This cover was double knit using 2 strands of DK yarn at one time and I used size 9 US needles.  I casted on 72 stitches to get the width I needed.  To sew up the seams, I used the mattress stitch.DSCN2605

To figure out when to switch my yarn colour for my word, I took a piece of graph paper and filled in squares to spell “home”.  I randomly picked where to start my word on the cover, but knew I wanted it on the bottom right hand corner.  I started the word on the purl side of the cover and following the pattern I created, whenever I came to where the word had to be, I switched out the white yarn for the black.


I really hope you can understand what I have written above on how to incorporate a word into your knitting.  It’s difficult to explain in writing exactly what I did.  Maybe one day I’ll venture into the world of videos and create something you can watch to explain the process better. 😉

Here’s a photo of all three of my cushions.


Well, I’m off now to knit a hat and an infinity scarf – a request from a friend!  I’ll make sure to share it when I’m done!!

Happy knitting!