Modern slippers…

Well these certainly aren’t your Gramma’s slippers! LOL!! These ones are simple and sleek and easy to knit!


They are knit flat in one piece then sewn together.

Here’s the pattern for them if you want to make a pair, or 3 😉 for yourself. They will fit most average adult feet. To make them larger or smaller, either increase or decrease your stitches by 5.


US size 9 straight needles

About 70 yards of chunky weight yarn for BOTH slippers (about 32-35 yards for one).


Cast on 30 stitches. (If you want, you could knit 2 at one time!)

Knit 22 rows.

Cast off 12 stitches then knit the remaining 17 stitches on your left needle (there will be 1 stitch on your right needle).

Knit 12 rows.

On your next row, knit your 18 stitches then cast on 12 stitches using the single cast on method.

Knit 21 rows.

Cast off.

Working inside out, using a piece of yarn about 24″ long, thread a darning needle, tie the end, pick up all the stitches on the toe of the slipper and gather it together loosely. Then seam the toe, bottom and heel. Turn right side out, and they’re ready to wear! 😀


I used Red Heart Soft Essential yarns for my slippers.

Well I hope you get a chance to make a pair! They’re the perfect quick project and great great for using up your scrap yarn!

Happy knitting!



My finished “slocks”…

Hello everyone.

So I finished my first pair of “slocks”! LOL!

Here they are:




I’m going to play around a bit and try to make them a bit  more colourful; maybe add a different coloured trim and toe or perhaps make stripes.  I’m also going to knit 2 at one time so they will end up being the exact same length.

It’s a super easy pattern.  Click here to see it.

Well, off to finish my Christmas presents. Hopefully I won’t get distracted anymore! 😉

Happy knitting!


My slipper pattern…

Hello there.

I would love to be able to tell you I’m done my slippers (try #2) and they turned out exactly how I wanted. And that I’ve finished writing the pattern and it’s ready to share it with you. But, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.

My second attempt at my slipper pattern was a dud so it’s back to the drawing board AGAIN for me.


They are still too small but didn’t feel quite snug enough.


I’m going to put the slipper re-do on the back burner for now though as I’m working on another project I’m hoping to get done for September.  Yes, September! I know that’s a couple of months away, but it’s a big project and will take that long to complete!

I do, however, need a new pair of slippers so I’m going to knit up a pair using the Gramma Slipper pattern.  You can find the pattern here.

Happy knitting!



Try #2…

Hi there.

Recently I mentioned I saw a photo of some baby slippers I really liked and wanted to re-create them, but for adults.  And yesterday I posted a picture of the slipper I made but it turned out way too large!  Needless to say,  I had to go back and re-think my pattern.

The funny thing is though, sometimes when you make a mistake, something better emerges from it.  And that’s exactly what happened with these slippers.

I’m a big fan of making two items at one time whether it be slippers, socks or gloves, and this time it was no different.  So, I already had the pieces made for my second slipper but didn’t assemble it after seeing how large the slippers had turned out.

So, playing around with the longest of the 2 pieces I had knitted (because initially my slippers were going to be 2 pieces) I was trying to determine how big to make my next pair of slippers by folding this one piece into different shapes.  Then it hit me;  I could create my slippers by using just one long strip!

Here’s my prototype.DSCN3112


Now I just have to finish knitting the new pieces and sew them up.

I’m really excited to show you when they’re done and share my new pattern!

Stay tuned!



Back to the drawing board…

Well, I won’t be writing my slipper pattern just yet!!

Even though they came together the way I wanted them to, I made them WAY too big!! LOL!!  This is the joy of creating patterns, I guess.


Back to the drawing board for me.

I’ll keep you posted on how I make out!!


What I’ve been up to…

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, BUT I have still been knitting.

I found out one of my co-workers is expecting a baby in October so I decided I would knit a baby blanket.  I haven’t knit a baby blanket in a long time so it’s a real nice change.  My co-worker and his wife don’t know what they’re having so I chose classic yellow.

It’s a really simple pattern with a 3″ garter stitch border and the stockinette stitch in the centre.  I’m double knitting it so it’s super cozy!!


I’m also working on a pair of slippers using a cotton yarn with a bit of stretch in it.  I love the knitted slippers but I find that after a few wears I have to wash them to get their shape back.

I thought if I used a yarn with a bit of stretch, this problem may be eliminated.  I found a photo of some knitted baby slippers on Pinterest that I thought would also make great adult slippers.

If they turn out and I LOVE them, I will write up the pattern for them so you can make a pair too!  I’m almost done the knitting part.  I will just have to assemble them afterwards.


Now off to try and finish one of these projects.  I have so many others I want to start but have told myself I have to complete one before starting another!! LOL!!

Happy knitting!



They’re done…

Hi everyone!

I’m done the 2 other pairs of slippers I was a making for a couple of girlfriends.  I delivered them today so I can share some photos without ruining the surprise!


The slippers above were double knit using teal and lemon yellow yarn and for the slippers below I used dark purple and lemon yellow.  The yarn I used is Stylecraft Special DK and I purchase it on-line at They have such a large selection and the yarn is excellent quality.


These slippers are super easy and fast to make.

You can find the pattern here!

Now I’m off to finish an infinity scarf I was asked to make and maybe take a nap! Everyone here at my house has a cold and no one slept well last night! Well, maybe the puppy did!! LOL!!

Happy knitting!


Cold weather = Gramma Slippers…

Hey there!

I knew it was going to be super cold this weekend so I thought I would treat myself to some cozy slippers!  They only took me 1 day to complete.  You could have them done sooner if you have no interruptions but we just got a new puppy so I’m interrupted constantly!! LOL!!


DSCN2657The slippers are knit using two different colours of yarn at one time.  You can find the pattern by clicking here.  I added some pom poms on mine.  I thought they made the slippers super cute!

I’m in the process of knitting a couple of more pair for some friends so I’ll post photos of those too when I’m finished.

Happy knitting!