Try #2…

Hi there.

Recently I mentioned I saw a photo of some baby slippers I really liked and wanted to re-create them, but for adults.  And yesterday I posted a picture of the slipper I made but it turned out way too large!  Needless to say,  I had to go back and re-think my pattern.

The funny thing is though, sometimes when you make a mistake, something better emerges from it.  And that’s exactly what happened with these slippers.

I’m a big fan of making two items at one time whether it be slippers, socks or gloves, and this time it was no different.  So, I already had the pieces made for my second slipper but didn’t assemble it after seeing how large the slippers had turned out.

So, playing around with the longest of the 2 pieces I had knitted (because initially my slippers were going to be 2 pieces) I was trying to determine how big to make my next pair of slippers by folding this one piece into different shapes.  Then it hit me;  I could create my slippers by using just one long strip!

Here’s my prototype.DSCN3112


Now I just have to finish knitting the new pieces and sew them up.

I’m really excited to show you when they’re done and share my new pattern!

Stay tuned!



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