A little tip…

Hello there!

I don’t know about you, but weaving in ends when I’m finished a project is probably my least favourite part about knitting.

So, when I’m using multiple balls of the same colour of yarn and know I’ll have a lot of ends when I’m finished, I knit my ends in instead! This saves SO MUCH time when my project is finished!

Here’s what I do:

When you’re coming close to the end of one ball of yarn, take a long piece and tie it to your new ball of yarn.

Continue to knit in pattern and as you come up to where your yarn is joined, pick up all 3 strands of yarn, (your 2 strands from where you tied the yarn together and the 1 strand from the new ball) and continue to knit in pattern.

Every piece of work has a right side and a wrong side, so as you come close to the end of your 3 strands, make sure you leave the ends on the wrong side of your work and then continue to knit in pattern using the 1 strand of yarn from you new ball.

Now all you have to do when you are finished your project is tie a little knot with the 2 strands of yarn that are sticking out and trim it!

If you have any questions about this technique, I’d be happy to answer them!

You can reach me at diana.poirier@yahoo.ca

Happy knitting!


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