Tri-coloured Diagonal Garter Stitch blanket…

Hello there.

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of a baby blanket on my Instagram account and on my Facebook page.


Since posting it, I’ve had a few people ask me for the pattern, so I decided to write it out for you.

You will need approximately 750 yards of bulky yarn. I used Red Heart Soft Essentials – 250 yards of each colour or 2 balls of each colour if using the Red Heart Soft Essentials.

Cast on 6 stitches with your first colour using US size 10 circular needles.

The blanket is knit flat but you will need the circular needles to hold all the stitches.

Knit across all 6 stitches for 3 rows.

On the fourth row, knit 3 stitches, yarn over, knit the rest of the stitches in the row.

Continue with the fourth row until you have knit all of your first colour and 1 ball of your second colour.

You will now begin decreasing your stitches.

Knit the first 2 stitches, knit the next 2 stitches together, yarn over, knit 2 stitches together, then knit the rest of the stitches across the row.

NOTE: When you change to your third colour, make sure you make the change on the SAME side as your previous colour change.

Continue decreasing until you have 6 stitches on your needle, then knit all the 6 stitches for 3 rows and cast off.

The finished size is approximately 36″ x 36″.



Using the bulky yarn for this blanket makes it super cushy and soft.  Perfect for that baby or toddler in your life!

If you decide to make one, I’d love to see it! 😀

Happy knitting.


4 thoughts on “Tri-coloured Diagonal Garter Stitch blanket…

  • I can see a yarn over at the beginning and at the end of the fourth row. Or, do you mean knit three stitches, a yarn over, and knit to the end of the row, and, then at the beginning of the fifth row, knit three stitches, yarn over, and, knit to the end of the row? That’s how I understand it . The yarn overs are done only at the beginning of each row after having knit the first three stitches. There are no yarn overs done at the end of each row. Am I right?

    How many rows do you think that I would have to knit to make a throw for a king size bed, or, is this an impossible question?


    Chicgrandma Theresa

    Liked by 1 person

  • You are correct. The yarn overs are only done at the beginning. This blanket is 36″ x 36″ square, so just keep knitting until you get to the width you want and then start decreasing. How wide is a King size bed? It will be a pretty big blanket so you may want to use bigger circular needles! If you get it done, I’d love to see pictures!! Happy knitting!


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