Hillside Baby Blanket…

Hello everyone!

The Hillside Baby Blanket pattern is now available and it’s FREE! 😀

This blanket has TONS of texture reminiscent of rolling hills. I used the super cushy Red Heart Soft Essential yarn in “Sunny Day”!

Click HERE to get your pattern.

It’s a very quick and easy knit, perfect for the beginner knitter.

I hope you enjoy it!

Happy knitting.



13 thoughts on “Hillside Baby Blanket…

  • Beautiful Blanket what wool did you use? Thank you

    On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 2:02 PM Peartree Knitting wrote:

    > Diana Poirier posted: “Hello everyone! The Hillside Baby Blanket pattern > is now available and it’s FREE! 😀 The Hillside Baby Blanket has TONS of > texture reminiscent of rolling hills. Click HERE to get your pattern. It’s > a very quick and easy knit, perfect for the begin” >


  • Hi Tricia:

    Swat his pattern today come through and really liked it. Maybe you wanted to do something like this for Edward. I don’t think it would be very hard. Just a thought. Love you

    Sent from my iPad



  • Hi,

    I’ve seen your pattern today on LoveCrafts. It looks great and I really want to try it. I understand the pattern (I think) and can do the necessary stitches but I’ve not used circular needles before. Do I need to use one or two of them? Are they just needed because it gets too wide to stay on a normal needle? Also at the end of the pattern when you say “weave in all your ends” will I have more than just one strand? Sorry for the questions I just am scared to start and waste wool. I’m always abandoning projects! haha

    Many thanks,


  • Hello. No problem about the questions! The circular needles are used to hold all the stitches only. The blanket is knit flat (back and forth). You will only require 1 pair of circular needles. The amount of ends you will have to weave in will depend on the number of balls of yarn you use. The more yarn in a ball, the lease amount of ends. I used about 4 1/2 balls of Red Heart Soft Essentials yarn so I had 5 ends to weave in consisting of 2 strands each because you will tie your new ball onto the old ball. I hope this helps! Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions.


  • HELP!
    I’m an intermediate knitter but must be having a total brain collapse. I’m knitting the Hillside pattern and have pulled it out twice. My blocks of three purls on rows of 14, 16, 18 keep showing symmetrically above rows 5, 7, 9. Yours show those blocks alternating with each other. Please straighten out my brain! Thanks, Julie


  • Hello Julie. I’m sorry you are having difficulty. I had another person tell me the same thing. She showed me some pictures so I think I know what you are saying. It is difficult for me to actually know what is happening when I’m not there, but this pattern has A LOT of rows and I did suggest to her that she use a row counter to make sure she is not skipping ahead in rows or doesn’t repeat a row. In rows 10 to 13 is where the “shift” happens so maybe watch to see this is being done correctly. I hope this helps. The other person got it right on her 3rd try! Have a good day and let me know how it goes!


  • Thank you for quick reply. Yes, you are correct. I made error in row count – twice 😲. Lesson, don’t knit when extremely tired! This is now knitting up correctly and it’s going to be squishy beautiful.


  • I love this pattern and your colour choice so much that I decided to match it as closely as I could. I’ve gathered all of my materials and knitted my first few rows, but I have a question about the pattern: It says to repeat rows 1-18 and then cast off on row 4.
    Are rows 1-4 not a sort of edge to the blanket? So, if I repeat them after row 18 will I not be left with a line down the middle of the blanket? Or is this the intention?
    As I understand it, to cast off on row 4, I then repeat rows 1-4 a second time to create a final edge and cast off?
    I may be over-complicating this!


  • Hi there. The blanket pattern is 18 rows. These 18 rows are repeated until you have come close to the end of the blanket. You don’t cast off until you have completed the blanket. Your final rows are rows 1 to 4, casting off on row 4 of the pattern so you have a full “rectangle” if that makes sense and not a square. I hope this helps. Sorry it wasn’t clear for you. Let me know if you have any further questions!


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