Did you know???

Did you know my “Back Porch Shawl” pattern was the NUMBER 1 free pattern over at loveknitting.com for 2018??


I can’t believe it!! Thank you to everyone who made it possible.  The pattern has been downloaded 23,694 times to date!! WOWZERS!!!

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, click here to get your copy!!

Thank you again everyone!

Happy knitting!


Thank you for sharing…

I just LOVE it when customers share their finished projects with me!

J. sent me a picture of her completed “Chilly Day Poncho”.  She purchased my pattern over at loveknitting.com.  I adore the 2 tone grey and how she put a border of the darker colour on the bottom of her poncho.thumbnail

Thank you for sharing J.  You did an amazing job!

Happy knitting everyone.


A birthday present…

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I’m lucky to have today off work so I’m taking advantage of having no one home except my puppy and he’s napping so I’m knitting! Of course!

I’ve put aside my poncho I’ve been working on to make a birthday present for a friend. It’s her birthday at the end of January.

I’m using a pattern I’ve used before (you can find it by clicking here) but this time I’m using a Tweed yarn from Caron Simply Soft I purchased from YarnCanada.ca.  I have to use 7 balls instead of 5 though, as the balls of tweed yarn are a bit smaller.

This is my first time using this tweed yarn and I’m absolutely loving the results.


Well, off to get this blanket done. 😀

Happy knitting!





Giveaway time…

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again when YarnCanada.ca gives away yarn to groups and individuals who knit and crochet for charity.  It’s open to residents of Canada and United States.


This year they teamed up with Bernat and Paton Yarns to be able to offer $2000 worth of yarn to 2 groups and 10 individuals! That’s A LOT of yarn!!

You have until January 5, 2019 to submit your application so what are you waiting for?

Click here for the application form.

Good luck!


Rainbow Sherbet…

Here it is! My stashbuster rainbow sherbet blanket!



The whole blanket was knit using Caron Simply Soft yarns.  I don’t know how much yarn I used exactly, as it was yarn that was already used for a few smaller projects along with unused balls, but if I had to guess, I would say around 6 balls using 2 strands of yarn at one time. Here is the link to the pattern again that this blanket is based on.

When I was coming close to the end of one colour combination (orange and yellow), I knit one row of the next colour combination (yellow and green), then knit a row of the old colour combination, repeating this until there were 3 rows of the new colour combination intertwined with the old colour combination.  This gives the the colour changes more of a gradient look.


Anyway, I’m off to start a new version of my “Chilly Day Poncho”.  I hope it turns out the way I’ve been imagining it!

Enjoy your weekend! It’s rainy and cold here.  A PERFECT day to stay in and knit! 😀


Stashbuster blanket…

Hello everyone!

I bought some yarn last year with something in mind I’m sure, but by the time I got to it, I had totally forgotten what I had bought it for! LOL!

So, I decided I would just make a blanket.  It reminds me of summertime and Sherbet!! 😀


I’m using a go to blanket pattern I found when I first started knitting.  You can find the pattern over on the Painting Lilies blog by clicking here.

It’s created using 2 strands of yarn at one time, one of my favourite things to do to create beautiful and unique colourways!

I’m almost done and then I’m going to make myself another Chilly Day Poncho, but I’m going to change it up a bit. I’ll share with you what I do, so stay tuned.

Now off to fill up my coffee mug and finish this blanket!

Happy knitting!