Let the sun shine…

And it’s DONE!!

For this blanket I used the Bamboo stitch which has a lovely texture on the front as well as the back. Something I look for when I knit a blanket. 😉

I used 6 balls of Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine yellow, US size 8 circular needles (to hold all the stitches – the blanket was knit flat) and casted on 200 stitches.

Now to deliver it to the recipient! I hope she loves it! 🤞

Happy knitting!


The Holly Poncho…

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you know The Holly Poncho pattern is now available for sale on Ravelry, in my Etsy shop and on lovecrafts.com!

The Holly Poncho is thick and cozy and is sure to become one of your absolute favourites!

Constructed of 2 pieces knit separately and sewn together, makes this pattern great for knitters looking to knit their first garment.

It utilizes the garter stitch with an I-cord edge for a more finished look and a simple 2×2 ribbing for the neck.

Created with approximately 780 yards of bulky weight yarn and US size 13 needles.

Head on over and get your copy today!

Happy knitting!


The Chunky Garter Stitch cushion cover…

Hello there!

I made a new cushion cover for a cushion I’m going to bring out to our trailer.

We don’t have any cushions on the couch at the trailer and are in need of a least one.

I had an old cushion I wasn’t using and decided I would just cover that one up using a colour that coordinates with the trailer decor.

It’s a super easy and quick knit and I’ve written out the pattern below.

The pattern is for a 20″ x 20″ cushion.


Approximately 700 yards of a medium weight yarn (any yarn that calls for US size 9 needles). You will need 2 balls of about 350 yards each as this cover is knit using 2 strands of yarn at one time.

US size 13 needles.

Darning needle for sewing.


Cast on 50 stitches with 2 strands of yarn held together.

Knit all the stitches across the row.

You will knit all the stitches on every row. This creates the Garter Stitch.

Continue until your piece is about 38″ long.

Cast off in pattern then sew up the sides, insert your cushion and sew up the bottom and you’re done!

Well off to make another one!

The next one if for our family room.

Happy knitting.


Baby blankets…

Hilary recently sent this photo to me of 3 Hillside Baby Blankets she’s made.

Aren’t they absolutely stunning?? 🤩

She has 3 friends that are expecting babies soon and made 1 for each of them. I’m so honored she chose my pattern for these blankets.

Thank you for sharing Hilary. 🙂

Interested in making a Hillside Baby Blanket? Click here to go to my “FREE PATTERN” page and download it today!

Happy knitting.


New pattern coming soon…

Hi there!

I wanted to share a sneak peek of a new pattern I’ve been working on.

It utilizes my favourite stitch – the garter stitch- and is made using a chunky yarn.

So stay tuned! I’m hoping to release it soon! 🙂

Happy knitting.


Hillside baby blanket…

Hi there!

I just wanted to share a photo of The Hillside Baby Blanket that was sent to me by a follower.

Isn’t it just lovely? She’s new to knitting and did a wonderful job!

She decided to make it a bit larger than what the pattern is written for.

Looking to make your own Hillside Baby Blanket? Click here for the pattern!

Happy knitting.


Just no time to knit…

Hey there!

I’ve been so busy with work that I really haven’t had much time to knit!

But I did manage to get this set of dishcloths done.

I used my “Bi-Colour Sand Stitch” dishcloth pattern and the “Seed” stitch.

You can check out all my FREE patterns by clicking HERE!

Happy knitting!


Jacinta’s Hillside Blanket…

Hey there!

Jacinta shared with me her finished Hillside Blanket.

Isn’t it gorgeous!!??

She downloaded my pattern then contacted me because she wanted to “adult” size the blanket.

She made her blanket 45″ x 72″ by casting on 165 stitches and used 15 balls of Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky available at lovecrafts.com.

If you have used one of my patterns and wish to share a photo, I would certainly love that!

And thank you Jacinta for sharing your gorgeous blanket with us!!

Happy knitting everyone.


North County Headband…

Hey there everyone!

I have a new pattern out – “The North Country Headband”.

It’s available in my Etsy shop and on lovecrafts.com.

It’s the PERFECT pattern for the beginner knitter who wants to knit a double knit headband but hasn’t mastered knitting in the round.

This pattern is knit flat on straight needles! My kind of knitting! 😁

I hope you give it a try and love knitting it as much as I do!

Happy knitting!


First headband…

I just completed my first headband.

I’ve been seeing them around on Instagram and Pinterest and really wanted to make one.

However, every pattern I could find for double knit headbands were either knit in the round or seamed to make it double knit.

Well, I don’t care much for knitting in the round AND I don’t like sewing much so I found a stitch I could use to double knit on straight needles. And the only sewing I had to do was at the end to make the twist.

I’ve already had a couple of people ask for my pattern, so I’ll write it up and let you know when it’s done! 😁

Off to make another one!