Product photos…

I’ve been unable to book a photo session for my pattern photo updates, so I’ve taken it into own hands! LOL!

I have to admit, it’s difficult getting creative when it’s just me, myself and I but I’m trying.

I did manage to get a few decent photos of my Demi Gloves and will be updating the photos in the pattern soon.

Off now to do some reading on how to have a successful selfie photo shoot!

Enjoy your day and happy knitting.


Introducing “Princess Kelly”…

Hello there!

I got my pattern done quicker than I thought I would!

Here are the completed “Princess Kelly” fingerless gloves:



The pattern is now available for sale over at, in my Etsy shop and on Craftsy!

It’s super easy and quick, so GREAT for a weekend project! It utilizes only the knit stitch and is knit flat and seamed up the sides.

If you give it a try, please share on my Facebook page!

Happy knitting!

“Princess Kelly” gloves…

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s a HOT one here today so a great day to stay indoors in the air conditioning and knit!!

I’ve started knitting these lovely gloves – I call them the “Princess Kelly” gloves, and will be writing the pattern for them too.  I adore the frilly cuff on them!

I’m creating them using an ultra soft nylon and acrylic blend DK yarn from Cascade I purchased from

They’re going to be fingerless gloves, so perfect for the chilly days ahead.  I know it doesn’t seem like the chilly days will ever return with all the hot weather we’ve been having, but I have faith it’s coming soon! LOL!!

Stay tuned.  I hope to have the pattern complete soon!

Happy knitting!


Behind the scenes…

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted anything in over a week, but I’m still working on knitting projects.

DSCN2907A grey and cream dish towel for a co-worker.

DSCN2911And a pair or teal and spice fingerless gloves.

I’ve also been doing some behind the scenes work on my blog.

If  you click here, you’ll see what I’ve been up to. 😀 THE “BUY NOW” BUTTONS ARE ACTIVE ON THE PAGES, SO PLEASE DON’T CLICK ON THEM.  Not unless you want to purchase something that is!!  LOL!

I’m so excited that I’ll be offering products for sale this year!

Now off to take some photos and to finish up at least one of my many half done projects!

Happy knitting!



waiting on yarn…

So, while waiting on a delivery of yarn from in order to complete my dish towel, I decided I would make a pair of fingerless gloves.  A super quick project especially since I knit 2 at a time!

The gloves are made from a lightweight DK yarn and are a great weight to use during these chilly Spring mornings!


You can find the pattern here.

Happy knitting!



It’s going slower than I thought…

Well it’s been a few days since I picked up my blanket to finish it, and I’m not even close to done yet!

I think because it’s such a BIG blanket, I get a little bored with knitting it.  I’m only using 1 colour of yarn right now and the same stitch over and over.  There’s not a lot of variety.  Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to make it so big. LOL!!

So, to break up the monotony a bit, I started knitting a pair of fingerless gloves to go with this cute hat I made a while ago.

Here’s the hat.  It’s a beautiful camel colour and super cushy  because I used 2 strands of DK yarn at one time to knit it.


And here’s the start of the gloves.


Well, I’m off to work a bit on the blanket and then on the gloves and then back to the blanket!!

I’m sure hoping to get the blanket done before the end of this year!! 😉

Happy knitting!